What Is The Temperature Range For Taq Polymerase

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Since they depend on many other factors, like temperature, concentration of the individual is kept amazingly constant, the normal range among people cant run PCR reaction with out thermostable enzyme taq DNA polymerase they work like other enzymes but … Read Article

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RNA polymerase (RNAP or RNApol), also known as DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, a range of transcription factors are required for its binding to promoters. RNA polymerase III synthesizes tRNAs, rRNA 5S and other small RNAs found in the nucleus and cytosol … Read Article

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And the taq polymerase extends the sequence that will have a specific 5' end the heat from radiationless decay is too small to affect the temperature of the solution. Examples of IRDye QC-1 quenches dyes from the visible to the near-infrared range (500-900 nm). … Read Article

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The catalase operates over a temperature range from 30°C to over 94°C and a pH range from 6-10. DNA modifying enzymes such as Taq DNA polymerase and some Bacillus enzymes used in clinical diagnostics and starch liquefaction are produced commercially by several biotechnology companies. … Read Article

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The traditional Taq polymerase has been replaced in many labs by higher fidelity enzymes (those that make less errors). if you are faced with a finicky reaction or using primers that require a narrow range of annealing temperature. … Read Article

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Core body temperature, dear sally: Dear Sally, Through homeostasis our core body temperature is kept amazingly constant, the normal range biology labs,diagnostics lab depand on thermostable enzymes,as you cant run PCR reaction with out thermostable enzyme taq DNA polymerase they … Read Article