Titanium Taq Polymerase Overhang

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Oligomer, leaving a 5 25-mer overhang. During PCR, Taq polymerase elon-gates the staggered 25-mer end to create the homologous strand producing a Titanium RT-PCR kit (Clontech, Palo Alto, CA). Primers used were as follows: MLL RT-forward primer 1, 5 -GCAAACAGAAAAAAGTGGCTCC- … Fetch Here

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NNNNN^, overhang NN-3′), to trim the polyA tail after DNA Polymerase (New England Biolabs), 2.5 U of E. coli RNase H (New England Biolabs). each primer, each sample being amplified with a Taq … Visit Document

SMARTer™ PCR CDNA Synthesis Kit User Manual
The Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix is comprised of TITANIUMTa q DNA Polymerase— a nuclease-deficient N-terminal deletion of Taq DNA polymerase plus TaqStart nucleotides is much less efficient than with full-length cDNA-RNA hybrids, thus the overhang needed for … Access Document

PUCm-Vector a vector for directly cloning DNA fragments with a single A 3'-overhang Taq Plus DNA Polymerase * PB0679 HT71916 FT71415 Fungal (Yeast) Genomic DNA Extraction Kit Titanium (IV) oxide 10x TM buffer, sterile TMB free base … Read Full Source

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The reaction was then cooled to 37°C and, after addition of 50 units of Taq DNA polymerase (NEB) and 2000 to ligate to the 3’ G overhang, and the other designed to ligate to the 3’ NN overhang A layer of titanium was deposited over the silicon dioxide, and the layer was patterned with … Retrieve Document

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PCR polymerase chain reaction. PriProET primer-probe energy transfer céljából az oligonukleotidok tapadási helyén túlnyúló timin (T) nukleotidot (overhang 10X One step buffer 10µl 50X dNTP mix 1,6µl 50X Titanium Taq RT enzyme mix 1,6µl Recombinant … Fetch Here