Taq Polymerase Shelf Life

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Cleotides and Taq p have a labeled shelf life of two years and are costly to replace. Coralville IA, USA)), and Taq polymerase (Taq p) (2 IU) (AmpliTaq DNA Polymerase, … Doc Retrieval

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– all reagents are in separate vials (non aliquoted) + Taq-F polymerase («hot start») (*) Manufacturer shelf life – we guarantee not less than 70% of this shelf life. … Get Document

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Many are extremophiles, living in places previously thought inhospitable to life. Radiotrophic fungus; Rio Tinto; Taq polymerase; Thermostability Continental shelf; Pelagic zone; Benthic zone; Hydrothermal vents … Read Article

Anti-Taq Monoclonal Antibody I
We recommend to use 2 µl of antibody per 8 µl (40 units) of BioThermTM Taq DNA polymerase. SHELF LIFE 2 years from date of receipt under proper storage conditions. … Read Here

UniScript – Taq Labeling Kit (USTAQ) – Bulletin
For maximum shelf life keep the reagents on ice when not in use. 2. Combine the following to a final volume of 20 µl and mix well. Reagent Volume 10X Taq Labeling Buffer 2 µl 10X Taq Nucleotide Mix 2 µl 20X Taq Polymerase Stock 1 µl … Read More

Cheetah™ Taq
Better shelf-life and alkaline activation condition optimal for both Taq activity and specific amplification. Under standard hot-start conditions ( i.e. , 94 ° C in pH 8-9 Tris), Cheetah™ Taq regains both the 5'-3' polymerase and 5 Cheetah ™ Taq, a Chemically-modified Hot-start DNA Polymerase … Read Full Source

Amplifluor SNPs HT Genotyping System, FAM-JOE S7909
Reverse primer anneals and is elongated by Taq Polymerase resulting in synthesis of the tail sequence complement. Storage and Shelf Life All kit components may be stored at -20°C (short term storage) or at … Get Doc

OmniTaq Cat #: 300
Retains at least 85% activity after 1 hour at 95°C Shelf life: At least 1 year from date of receipt under proper storage conditions. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: OmniTaq is a triple mutant of Taq polymerase that makes the enzyme resistant to the inhibitory effects of … Document Retrieval

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And the Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase need to be added. The reagents of the Shelf Life By following the recommendations, the kit is stable until the … Retrieve Content

OmniTaq-LA DNA Polymerase Amount: 125 µl (0.5 µl / 50 µ
OmniTaq-LA DNA Polymerase Amount: 125 µl (0.5 µl / 50 µl reaction) Shipping conditions: Ambient temperature Storage conditions: -20°C for enzyme, 4°C for 10x OmniTaq buffer Thermo stability: Retains at least 85% activity after 1 hour at 95°C Shelf life: At least 1 year from date of receipt … Doc Retrieval

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Taq DNA Polymerase: 100 µL (5 U/ µL) 10 x PCR Buffer: 1.5 mL 10 mM dNTPs: 0.5 mL 10x DNA Loading Buffer 1.0 ml Storage conditions: The undiluted enzyme solution is stable when stored at -20°C. Shelf life: 12 months after … Get Document

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The main reason for the increase in life expectancy in the last few centuries is the widespread use of water purification systems to remove or And the infamous T. aquaticus, from which scientists get Taq polymerase, grows in the boiling hotsprings of Yellowstone National Park, and is perfectly … Read Article