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A related patent battle over the Taq polymerase enzyme is still ongoing in several jurisdictions around the world between Roche and Promega. The legal arguments have extended beyond the lives of the original PCR and Taq polymerase patents, which expired on March 28, 2005. … Read Article

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taq Purification Protocol
Purification of Taq DNA Polymerase – for 1 Liter culture Modified from the protocol presented in F.G. Pluthero (1993) Rapid purification of high-activity Combine in a 250ml flask and incubate at room temp for 15 minutes. Add 50ml of lysis buffer,mix well and incubate at 75C for one hour. … Access This Document

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The anti-Taq DNA polymerase antibody complexes with and inhibits polymerase activity at room temperature. Activity is restored after the initial … Get Doc

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Temp. QuestTaq™ PreMix* 500 µl 4 x 500 µl 2X -20oC Room Temp. ™ DNA polymerase is defined as the amount of enzyme required for the incorporation … Retrieve Doc

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Faststart polymerase is a variant of Taq polymerase that requires strong heat activation, thereby avoiding non-specific amplification due to polymerase activity at low temperature (see hot-start PCR above). … Read Article

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(Each PCR reaction pellet™ contains dNTP Mixture, Taq DNA Polymerase Buffer, Taq DNA Polymerase and MgCl 2) P4 Enzyme Grade UltraPure Water -20°C P5 200 bp DNA ladder -20°C • Wax Beads (for thermal cyclers without a heated lid) Room temp. … Return Document

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Version of ThermoPrime Taq DNA Polymerase. It is completely inactive at room temperature, preventing the formation and Temp. Time . Number of cycle : Initial Denaturation . 95°C : 15 min . 1 cycle … View This Document

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QuestTaq™ qPCR PreMix contains all reagents necessary to 2 x 1 ml – Room Temp. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process is covered by U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,683,195 and … Read More

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5 unit/μl Taq Polymerase template DNA (1 μg genomic DNA, 0.1-1 ng plasmid DNA than theoretical primer annealing temp Tm) •Successive cycles lower Set up reactions at room temperature • Put reactions in room temperature thermal cycler • Cycling (Just like GoTaq® DNA Polymerase!) … Fetch Content

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Taq polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase named after the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus from which it was originally isolated by Thomas D. Brock in 1965. … Read Article

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Reaction setup at room temp Challenging targets susceptible to mispriming MyTaq HS employs a highly purified thermostable Taq DNA polymerase powered by antibody-mediated hot-start … Read Document

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SureStart Taq DNA Polymerase Paq5000 Hotstart PCR Master Mix Deoxynucleotide Mix Product Guide – Genotyping PCR Combo Pack Box 2 of 2: Room Temp Components … Document Viewer

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When a PCR reaction is set up at room temperature, Taq DNA polymerase exhibits low but noticeable activity during the reaction set-up. As a result non-specific priming events may lead to generation of unexpected … Retrieve Content