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Can add 3· A-overhangs by incubation with Taq at the end of your cycling program. See page 17 for the protocol. • Using Platinum fi Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity (Invitrogen, Catalog no. 11304- … Access Document

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RpoC1 (Protocol provided by Robyn Cowan, R.Cowan@kew.org; http://www.kew.org/barcoding/protocols.html) Taq polymerase (Platinum Taq, Invitrogen) 2 units BSA 0.1mg/ml … Retrieve Here

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2 (Invitrogen) 50 mM MgCl 2 25 mM dNTP mix (25 mM each nucleotide) 5U/µl Platinum Taq DNA polymerase (Invitrogen) Template DNA (library DNA at appropriate concentration; see Basic Protocol 1 … View This Document

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Five-minute cloning of Taq polymerase-amplified PCR The following protocol is provided for your convenience. Other protocols are suitable. 1. Prepare a PCR cocktail consisting of PCR buffer, dNTPs, primers, and Taq polymerase. Invitrogen Corporation Invitrogen Japan K.K … Retrieve Full Source

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Invitrogen SYBR Green LC (blue) quantified all 7 logs with a slope of –3.644 and an R-value of PCR Assembly Inactive Taq DNA Polymerase Fully Active Taq DNA Polymerase Temperature Cycling Initial versus TaqMan® Alexa 546 TET FAM All detectors Triplex amplification using standard protocol … Access Full Source

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Melting Temperature and Thermal Stabilization of Taq Polymerase by the Disaccharide Trehalose, Andrej-Niko- conducted according to the manufacturer’s protocol (Su-perscriptTM; Invitrogen). … Fetch Doc

The template? • Removal of existing nucleotides: Will the nucleotide(s) be removed from the existing polynucleotide chain as part of the protocol? Taq DNA Polymerase with Standard Taq Buffer .. M0273S/L/X … View Doc

Protocol For RT-PCR & QPCR RNA Extraction
Protocol for RT-PCR & QPCR RNA Extraction Reagents: • Qiagen RNeasy Mini kit for 107 cells up to 50ug total RNA • Taq polymerase (Invitrogen Platinum Taq or others) o 10X buffer and/or 50mM MgCl … Content Retrieval

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It is best if the PCR primers have guanines at the 5' end as this maximizes probability of Taq DNA polymerase adding the terminal adenosine overhang. Thermostable polymerases containing extensive 3´ to 5´ exonuclease activity should not be used as they do not leave the 3´ adenine-overhangs. … Read Article

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This protocol describes how to use PCR to amplify DNA for printing onto microarrays. While this method has been used to amplify directly from cells, using purified template is preferred. 2. Materials. 100 mM dNTPs (Invitrogen # 10297-018) 5 U/µl Taq Polymerase (Roche # 1596594) … View This Document

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Different types of vectors are used for cloning fragments amplified by either Taq or Pfu polymerase as Taq polymerase (unlike Pfu) leaves an extra "A" nucleotide at the 3'end during amplification. … Read Article

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DH5a (Invitrogen) was used for the deter-mination of relative mutation frequencies. 5UofTaqDNA polymerase in Taq DNA polymerase reaction buffer several mutagenesis methods, including multiple Taq DNA poly-merase protocols and a Mutazyme II protocol. … Retrieve Content