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Pseudomonas Reinekei
Primer, 5 nmol dNTPs (Peqlab), 2.5 U Taq polymerase (Qiagen) and 1 ml DNA template] were performed on an AB9700 thermal cycler (Applied Biosystems) with an initial … Doc Retrieval

Molecular Phylogeny Of The Lionfish Genera Dendrochirus …
2, 0.2 mM each dNTP (PeqLab, Erlangen), 0:2lM each primer, 1U Taq polymerase (Biomaster, K€ooln), 4 ll BSA ð2mg=ll; MBI Fermentas, St. Leon-Rot), and 2–4ll supernatant of the DNA ex- … Fetch Full Source

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Dynamics Of LTR Retrotransposons In Natural Populations Of …
SAWADY Taq DNA polymerase (PEQLAB Biotechnologie GmbH, Germany). The PCR program consisted of: (1) 1 cycle at 95°C 5 min; (2) 30 cycles of 95°C for 30 … Fetch Full Source

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Effects Of The Novel Mitochondrial Protein Mimitin In Insulin …
JetPEITM transfection reagent was purchased from PEQLAB Biotechnologie (Heidelberg, Germany), BiothermTM Taq polymerase from GeneCraft (Münster, Germany). … Retrieve Content

Deep-water Life Cycle Of Anisakispaggiae (Nematoda …
PCR (50 ll) included 25ll Master-Mix (Peqlab Biotechnology GmbH, Erlangen, Germany) containingdNTP, MgCl 2, Buffer and Taq-Polymerase, 3 llofeachprimer, 14 llaquadestand 5llgenomic DNA. Each PCR was performed in ather-mocycler (Peqlab, Germany) under the following conditions: after initial … Doc Retrieval

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Buffer from Qiagen, 0.45µl 2 mM dNTPs from peqlab, 0.6µl 5U/µl Taq polymerase from Qiagen, 0.35µl 50pmol/µl primer from MWG-Biotech, 20µl Q-Solution from Qiagen and 2µl 5ng/µl DNA. … Retrieve Document

The PCR Plateau Phase ^ Towards An Understanding Of Its …
Of product due to Taq DNA polymerase 5P^3P exonuclease activity [1,2]. However, none of these ‘conventional’ fac- from peqLab Biotechnologie (Erlangen, Germany) was used as the molecular weight standard. … View Full Source

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Identification Of Six MRNA Sequences Of Genes Related To …
Purchased from Peqlab (Erlangen, Germany) and Taq polymerase (RedTaq) from Sigma (Taufkirchen, Germany). Oligo-dT-primers and specific primers for … View Doc

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Ase, Eppendorf HotStartTaq Polymerase, EppendorfTriple Master TaqPolymerase,QiagenLong-range PCR System, peQlab SAWADY Taq Polymerase]. PCR was set up following the manufacturers … Retrieve Full Source

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Journal Of Applied Biomedicine – Comparison Of The Reactions …
Taq-DNA-polymerase (Peqlab Biotchnologie GmbH, Germany), 100 µM dNTPs and 1 µM of each primer pair. The analysed genes with the respective primer pairs are listed below: HSP27 (XM_004991): … Retrieve Doc