Taq Polymerase Long Range

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Is achieved within the 100bp to 3Kb range. Features • Ideal for problematic templates • Ideal for templates that fail with Taq • 17-fold higher fidelity than Taq Applications • For problematic templates of <5Kb. BIO-X-ACT ™ Long DNA Polymerase BIO-X-ACT ™ … Access Doc

Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant)
Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant) #EP0405 5x 500 u • PCR primers are generally 15-30 nucleotides long. The recommended concentration range is 1-4 mM. If the Mg 2+ concentration is too low, the yield of … Read Full Source

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Taq polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase named after the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus from which it was originally isolated by Thomas D. Brock in 1965. … Read Article

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Fermentas Taq DNA Polymerase DNA fragments as long as 5 kb • Generation of PCR product for TA cloning • DNA labeling • DNA sequencing Product Catalog # Amount Taq DNA Polymerase DNA Polymerase (recombinant) and 10X Taq DNA Buffer with KCI. M – FastRuler™ DNA Ladder, Low Range, ready-to-use … Fetch This Document

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range of annealing temperatures and Mg 2+ concentrations than conventional PCR b uffers.* Long PCR Products PCR Protocol Using Taq DNA Polymerase and ProofStart ™ DNA Polymerase for Amplification of Long PCR Products … View Doc

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When they are present in equal amounts, the buffer will resist pH changes in the range of its pKa (acid dissociation constant). Typically, this process plus the patent filing, takes over 10 years, so it is a long time before the pharmaceutical company can start earning any … Read Article

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In contrast, native Taq polymerase only functions well over a narrow [Mg 2+] range, and different reactions may require different ] is too low The BD Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix performs well at a broad range of Mg 2+ concentration. Therefore, as long as you use the buffer included with the mix … Fetch Document

Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED
Taq DNA Polymerase 2.0X MaMi RED (100 Reac) with 2.0 mM MgCl2 190301 AccuPOL DNA Polymerase (500 Units) 210303 TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase (500Units) with 10X TEMPase Buffer I with 10X TEMPase Buffer II 220303 UniPOL –Long Range PCR (100 Reac) 270701 … Retrieve Full Source

Taq Polymerase Long Range

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The traditional Taq polymerase has been replaced in many labs by higher fidelity enzymes (those that make less This is one area where going cheap might not pay off in the long run, if you are faced with a finicky reaction or using primers that require a narrow range of annealing temperature. … Read Article

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DNTP sets, dNTP mixes, Taq DNA Polymerase, PCR Master Mix, Hot Start Mix, Pwo DNA Polymerase, Long range PCR, Mid Range PCR, Nucleotides, PCR, PCR reagents, PCR enzymes … Fetch Content

One-fusion DNA Polymerase For Proofreading Fast PCR
Exceptional Polymerase: high speed proofreading even for long fragments Features/Applications: − 100-fold improvement compared to Taq Polymerase − 2-fold processivity compared with Taq Polymerase − High yield range − Resistance to inhibitors … Fetch Here

28093 Taq 200 Unit
TaqWith 10X Mg-free DNA Polymerase Taq Reaction Buffer (1000 units/mL) Taq DNA Polymerase Specifications: • • • Functionality preserved at wide range of temperatures Ideal primers have a GC content of 50% and exclude long … View Document

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Called "primers" are used as a starting point for the polymerase. Primers are small man-made pieces of DNA (oligomers), usually between 15 and 30 nucleotides long. the double helix of DNA sample at temperatures in the range is reheated to 72 degrees, the ideal temperature for Taq DNA Polymerase … Read Article

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Reliable routine PCR Eppendorf® Taq DNA Polymerase StartPCR HotMaster™Hot Taq DNAPolymerase Difficult PCR / impure templates MasterTaq® Kit Eppendorf® MasterMix Proof Reading PCR TripleMaster™PCR System Long Range PCR (> 5 kb) TripleMaster™ PCR System … Access Full Source

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The original Klenow-based PCR process did not generate products that were larger than about 400 bp. Taq polymerase can however amplify targets of up to several thousand bp long. Since then, modified protocols with Taq enzyme have allowed targets of over 50 kb to be amplified. … Read Article