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It is best if the PCR primers have guanines at the 5' end as this maximizes probability of Taq DNA polymerase adding the terminal adenosine overhang. Thermostable polymerases containing extensive 3´ to 5´ exonuclease activity should not be used as they do not leave the 3´ adenine-overhangs. … Read Article

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DNTP, 2.5 U Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas), and Taq polymerase buffer (Fermentas). PCR cycling conditions included an initial denaturation step at 94°C for 5 min, fol- … View Full Source

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, 200 μM dNTPs, 20 pmol of each primer (Biobasic), and 1 U Taq polymerase (Fermentas, Inc.) in a thermocycler under the following conditions: 94°C … Fetch Document

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K0171), 1 unit of Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas EP0402), MgCl 2, 30 ng of the primer and 20 ng of sample DNA. The mixtures were assembled at 0°C and then, transferred to thermal cycle, precooled … Fetch Full Source

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Green/ROX qPCR Master Mix (using Maxima Hot Start Taq DNA polymerase and a final MgCl 2 concentration: 2.5 mM) (Fermentas), included the following steps: 10 min at 95°C and 40 … Fetch Document

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Aquesta activitat 5'-3' exonucleasa en la Taq, ha estat explotada per la PCR quantitativa amb sondes TaqMan o TaqMan real-time PCR, sofisticació de comercials de Taq ADN Polimerases, incloent Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, Sigma, Promega, Roche Diagnostics, Qiagen, AttendBio, Bioneer i Fermentas. … Read Article

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32 Taq Polymerase 500unit/Vial Fermentas 10 Vial 9917 11644 14452 12531 14010 Aneela Y Maida Aslam Dr. Zia Maria Tayyab Sana Gull 33 Vancomycin Discs (MA-0102F50) Oxoid 3 Pk 11644 Maida Aslam … Access This Document

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DNA Polymerase . Manufacturer AmpliTaq Applied Biosystems Hot Start Taq . Fermentas Platinum Taq Invitrogen AccuPrime Taq with high fidelity . Invitrogen Platinum Tfi Invitrogen … Doc Retrieval

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Annealing and extension temperatures, Taq DNA polymerase concentration and MgCl 2 concentration in PCR. The final volume of the PCR reaction mixture was 25 µl containing 15 ng/ul DNA, lU/ul Taq polymerase (FERMENTAS INC USA), 2.5 mM … Read Full Source

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Canada), 40 ng of DNA, and 0.3 unit of Taq DNA Polymerase (Fermentas). The touchdown PCR program was performed at 94˚C for 3 min (initial denaturation), 10 cycles, with 94˚C for 30s, 72- … Document Retrieval

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DNA polymerase-I Roche Klenow polymerase Roche Lyticase Sigma Pepsin Sigma Proteinase K Sigma Restriction endonucleases Fermentas, NEB RNase A Sigma Taq DNA polymerase Fermentas … View Document

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T7 RNA Polymerase is an RNA polymerase from the T7 bacteriophage that catalyzes the formation of RNA in the 5'→ 3' direction. T7 polymerase is extremely promoter -specific and transcribes only DNA downstream of a T7 promoter. The T7 polymerase also requires a DNA template and Mg 2+ ion as … Read Article

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MgCl2, 10% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO, Sigma), 1 U of Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas) and 40 ng of template DNA. The PCR reaction was carried out in a PCR programmed ther- … View Document