Taq Polymerase Fermentas Ep0402

Low ROX Mix AB-4322/B, AB-4323/A AB-4328/B Absolute Fast QPCR Mix ROX DyNAmo ColaliFlash Probe qPCR Kit F-416S/L/XL Fermentas EP0071, EP0281 ali EP0401 F-503S DyNAzyme II with Mg-free buffer Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant) 500 U EP0402 F-504L DyNAzyme II Hot Start DNA Polymerase … Return Document

Genetic Characterization Of Heat Tolerant Tomato ( Solanum …
Amplification reactions were done in volumes of 22 μL containing 2X PCR Mastermix (Fermantas K0171), 1 U Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas EP0402), MgCl 2 , 25 mM of each primer and 125 ng tomato DNA. … Document Retrieval

Relationships Among Myrtle Accessions From Turkey As Revealed …
Mastermix (Fermantas K0171), 1 unit of Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas EP0402), MgCl2, 30 ng of the primer and 20 ng of myrtle DNA. The mixtures were assembled at 0 °C, and then, … Get Document

IKPK 010 –
MAS02A (20ρmol/µl) (20 ρmol) 1.0 10mM dNTPs (MBI Fermentas, Cat. No. R0191) 0.3 mM 0.6 Taq DNA polymerase (MBI Fermentas, Cat. No. EP0402) 2.5 U 0.5 … Read Here

Short Note: Internal Size Standard For Microsatellite Genotyping
Reverse primers, dNTPs and Taq DNA polymerase. The Taq DNA polymerase could be purchased from many vendors such as Promega Corporation (GoTaq® Flexi DNA Polymerase #M8295), Fermentas Life Sciences (Taq DNA Polymerase #EP0402) and New England Bio- … Fetch Document

Promega P2075 PC PR Taq DNA Poly (native w/BSA) 100U SEP0071 Fermentas EP0071 PC PR Taq DNA Poly (native w/BSA) 500U SEP0072 Fermentas EP0072 PC PR Taq DNA Poly (native w/o BSA) 500U SEP0282 Fermentas EP0282 PC PR Taq DNA Poly Recombinant 500U SEP0402 Fermentas EP0402 PC PR Taq DNA Polymerase … Fetch Doc

Pakistan Veterinary Journal
MgCl2 (Cat # EP0402, Fermentas) , 0.5 µl Taq DNA polymerase (5u/ µl) (Cat # EP0402, Fermentas) and 12.5 µl commercially available PCR master mix (PyroStart™ … Fetch Here

EP0402 Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant), 5u/ul 500 units $95.00 EP0712 Fermentas Account Manager . mccullough@fermentas.com. VM 800.340 … View Full Source

Assessment Of Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) Mature Embryos For …
Buffer and 0.5 Unit of Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas EP0402). For Southern blot analyses, five micrograms of genomic DNA was digested with NcoI, separated … Read More

IKPK 004 -
MD91 (10ρmol/µl) (20 ρmol) 2.0 10mM dNTPs (MBI Fermentas, Cat. No. R0191) 0.3 mM 0.6 Taq DNA polymerase (MBI Fermentas, Cat. No. EP0402) 2.5 U 0.5 … Read Document