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Molecular biology • VWR Collection Unocycler and gel documentation system • DNA extraction kits from 5 PRIME • CBS PCR workstations • BTX HT Multi-Well Electroporation • Axygen plates for Real-Time PCR and sequencing • RNase AWAY ® or DNA AWAY ® Wipes • Thermo Scientific Taq Polymerase Cell … Fetch Full Source

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27 Taq Polymerase Hot Start 2 Vials 28 Thermometer 1 – 500 C 1 No. 29 Thermostat for microtome Temperature range 50 – 70oC 1 No. 30 Tips P-10 Axygen (Cat# TF-400R) 1 Case. … Return Doc

March 2003
PCR Tubes 0.2mL thin wall, clear PCR-0208-C (Axygen Scientific) Personal FX phosphor image (BioRad) deoxyribonucleotides triphosphates (dNTPS) to extend from the primer sequence, Taq polymerase for the amplification of the DNA, primers, MgCl2 and buffers … Access Full Source

Axygen plates for Real-Time PCR and sequencing • RNase AWAY® or DNA AWAY® Wipes • Thermo Scientific Taq Polymerase Cell Biology • Optimise your immunoassays … Retrieve Full Source

Self-referent MHC Type Matching In Frog Tadpoles
Sequenceswereamplifiedon96-wellPCRplates(Axygen Scientific, PCR-96-C) in 12.5 ml PCRs, each containing 50ng of template DNA, PCR buffer (63.6mM KCl, 127.2mM Tris–HCl (pH 8.3), 1.9mM MgCl2), 180 mM dNTP (100mM, Eppendorf) and 0.2 units Taq polymerase … Retrieve Document

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PM of primer and 0.3 ìl Taq polymerase (3U/ìl conc.). PCR conditions were maintained at 94°C for 4 minutes and 45 cycles DNA ladder (Axygen) using BANDMAP software (Uvipro Platinum). The dendrograms were developed based on genetic … Retrieve Here

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Www.axygen.com) and cloned into a TA cloning vector (Invitrogen, www.invitrogen.com). The positive clones were screened and directly sequenced. Six clones were sequenced for each individual to eliminate the errors resulting from Taq polymerase misincorporation or in vitro … Visit Document

Establishment And Evaluation Of A Novel TaqMan Probe- Based …
Extracted with DNA/RNA nucleic acid extraction kit (AXYGEN Company, San Francisco, California, USA). CPV DNA (2 μL), 10×Taq DNA polymerase buffer (5 μL), 4.0 μL dNTPs (2.5 mM/μL), 1μL of each specific primer (10 pmol each), … Access Full Source

Production Of An Antiviral Levan From Novel Honey Bacillus …
In LB, using AxyGEN BIOSCIENCES DNA extraction kit, according to Manufacturer’s Instructions. All polymerase chain reaction amplifications were performed with the Taq DNA polymerase … View Document

NM of each primers and 0.5 U Go Taq DNA polymerase (Promega,) and 2 μl of the nest 1 PCR products were used tubes (Axygen, USA) containing absolute alcohol and were labeled accordingly. … Visit Document