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Primer-Free Aptamer Selection Using A Random DNA Library …
Primer-Free Aptamer Selection Using A Random DNA Library Weihua Pan1, Ping Xin1, Susan Patrick1, Stacey Dean2, Christine Keating2, Gary Clawson3,4 HotMaster TAQ DNA Polymerase 5 PRIME dNTP Mix Sigma-Aldrich Acrylamide Fisher Scientific … View Full Source

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Lanes 1, 2: EagleTaq Lanes 3, 4: Taq . Lane 5: no enzyme control Lane 6: MW marker RT-PCR of HIV template with Z05 DNA polymerase +/- aptamer following 6 hr incubation at 37 º C to mimic onboard stability of a completed reaction. … Doc Viewer

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Non-covalent binding of inhibitor: in this method a peptide, antibody or aptamer are non-covalently bound to the enzyme at low temperature and inhibit its activity. After an incubation of 1–5 minutes at 95°C, the inhibitor is released and the reaction starts. Cold-sensitive Taq polymerase: is a … Read Article

A Novel, Modification-Dependent ATP-Binding Aptamer Selected …
1 and 2 and 0.025 U/íL Taq polymerase. Three PCR cycles were performed with a thermal cycle of 92 °C for 2 min, 55 aptamer and target molecules using Microcon 30 spin-filters. RNA concentration was measured by UV absorption of … Access Full Source

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Thermochemistry Of Protein- DNA Interaction Studied With …
(i) Taq DNA polymerase with its DNA aptamer and (ii) E. coli ssDNA-binding protein with a 20-base-long ssDNA. Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 77, No. 5, March 1, 2005 1529 … Get Doc

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What is an Aptamer? • Aptamers are stable, single-stranded RNA or DNA molecules capable of binding to its target Taq DNA Polymerase (TQ21) Tenascin-C (GBI-10) Tetracycline (cb28 minimum) … View Document

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Figure 2: Novel Assay Principle Leveraging the Dual Nature of an Aptamer as Protein Recognition Element and Base-pairing Agent. [Panel A] A non extendible DNA aptamer (NExA- blue with red X) is hybridized to its DNA complement. The Stoffel fragment of Taq DNA polymerase (Hatched Pie Chart) cannot … Fetch Document

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• 0.1 mM EDTA • Aptamer • 1 mM DTT • 0.5% Tween 20 Concentration* 40 – 55 U/µL Animal Derived Additives None Stability 12 Months at –15°C to –25°C Product Catalog Number Unit Volume RMS Taq DNA Polymerase (5 U/µL) 05206880190 1 KU 0.2 mL … Document Viewer

A DNA Aptamer Binding Brain Tumor Microvessels 16465
Were amplified by PCR (Taq-polymerase and dNTP’s were obtained from Promega). aptamer-magnetic bead-complex was removed in a magnet stand and washed four times (first wash: 1 ml of selection buffer with 150 mM … Doc Retrieval

Taq Polymerase Aptamer

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For the Taq DNA polymerase/aptamer system, the process is entropy-driven at low temperatures and enthalpy-driven at high temperatures. For the SSB/ssDNA system, the driving … Fetch This Document

ControllingDNAPolymerization WithaSwitchableAptamer
OfbindingtoDNApolymerasefromThermus aquaticus (Taq polymerase). [8] Theresultisasimplemoleculardevicethat polymerizationpropertiesofTaqpolymeraseatroomtemperaScheme1.Operationcycleofthedevice.1)Initsfoldedform,aptamer … Return Doc