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In addition to potential problems of PCR contamination, variations in sequences obtained from a single PCR reaction occur. This is because Taq DNA polymerase lacks any proofreading activity … Return Doc

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Increases the PCR yield when amplifying long DNA.  Terminal Transferase Activity: Taq DNA polymerase has terminal transferase activity that results in the addition of a single nucleotide (adenosine) at 3’-end of the extension product. … Doc Viewer

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addition, these low fidelity mutants containing hydro-philic substitution for Ile-614 can bypass damaged tem-plates that include an abasic site and vinyl chloride adduct ethenoA. During polymerase chain reaction, Taq The fidelity of mutant Taq polymerase containing a … Get Doc

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Taq DNA polymerase is 72°C. Length of step is dependent on your target sequence length. Use buffer that allows separate addition of Mg2+. 4. Are annealing or extension steps too long? … Retrieve Full Source

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This is due to the tendency of Taq DNA polymerase to add a nontemplated nucleotide to PCR products (+A addition) (1). The nontemplated nucleotide addition … Retrieve Here

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M1661); Taq DNA Polymerase in Storage Buffer A (Cat.# M1861); GoTaq DNA Polymerase in Colorless Reaction Buffer; GoTaq DNA Polymerase in Green Reaction Buffer. Reactions without the Green GoTaq Reaction Buffer require the addition of loading dye prior to electrophoresis. … Fetch Doc

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The reaction is prepared as usual, with the addition of fluorescent dsDNA dye. of the reporter to the quencher prevents detection of its fluorescence; breakdown of the probe by the 5' to 3' exonuclease activity of the Taq polymerase … Read Article

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Taq DNA Polymerase From Thermus aquaticus BM, recombinant (E. coli) Deoxynucleoside-triphosphate: DNA deoxynucleotidyltransferase, EC PCR Cloning TA-cloning; addition of A-overhangs Incorporation of modified nucle- … Visit Document

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The enzyme has the following activities: 5'-3' polymerase (60 to 150 nucleotides/s; approx. 1 kb/min), 5'-3' exonuclease (strand displacement) and 3' terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (addition of single dATP to the duplex DNA). Taq DNA Polymerase incorporates modified nucleotides (dNTPαS, c7GTP … View Full Source

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Kim et al. (20) observed that the effects of collagen on Taq and Pwo could be partially reversed with the addition of Mg ++, suggesting that collagen sequesters Mg ++ or otherwise limits Mg++⁄polymerase interaction. … Doc Viewer

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Can be improved by the addition of sub-stances such as DMSO and formamide, by raising the buffer pH, and/or by using ammonium sulfate instead of KCl. Currently, “special buffer Solutions” for use with Taq DNA Polymerase that appa- … Read More

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Buffers are solutions that have the capacity withstand the addition of small amounts of protons and/or hydroxide ions, or undergo dilution, without a dramatic change in pH. … Read Article