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Fermentas Price List 2010/2011
Fermentas Price List 2010/2011 目录号 产品名称 规格 目录价格 EP0572 Pfu DNA Polymerase (native) 500 units 1000 EP0611 TrueStart™ Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase 200 units 250 … Retrieve Doc

2. Material Und Methoden
Pfu/Taq-DNA-Polymerase 10 U/µl (hauseigen) Proteinase K 20 mg/ml (Boehringer, Manheim, D.) Restriktionsenzyme (10 U/µl) und entsprechende 10 xPuffer (MBI Fermentas) … Fetch Here

51 2×1000 U T4 DNA Ligase EL0011 Fermentas 52 2×30 react’s TA Cloning Kit K1214 Fermentas 54 1×1000 U Thermosensitive Alkaline Phosphatase EF0651 Fermentas 55 2×100 U Pfu DNA polymerase (recombinant) EP0501 Fermentas 56 5×500 U Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant) EP0402 Fermentas … Doc Retrieval

Taq Polimerasa – Viquipèdia
La Pfu ADN polimerasa (aïllada de Pirococcus furiosus és sovint emprada en comptes de la Taq polimerasa o conjuntament amb ella. comercials de Taq ADN Polimerases, incloent Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, Sigma, Promega, Roche Diagnostics, Qiagen, AttendBio, Bioneer i Fermentas. … Read Article

Lista produse FERMENTAS 2011 Cod Catalog Descriere Pret unitar, fara TVA B02 10X Buffer Cfr9I 1 ml 80,73 lei EP0572 Pfu DNA Polymerase (native) 500 units 1.428,30 lei EP0601 Maxima® Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase 100 units 186,30 lei … Retrieve Content

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UAB „Fermentas“ Produktų Kainoraštis 2010
UAB „Fermentas“ produktų kainoraštis 2010 Kat Nr. Produkto pavadinimas Kiekis EP0572 Pfu DNA Polymerase (native) 500units 794 960.74 EP0601 Maxima® Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase 100units 104 125.84 … Fetch Doc

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Genetix Price List 2010 -11
Fermentas Price List 2010 Cat # DESCRIPTION Pk Size Genetix List Price 2010 B02 10X Buffer Cfr9I 1ml 972 B04 10X Pfu DNA Polymerase (recombinant) 500units 14,349 EP0571 Pfu DNA Polymerase (native) 100units 4,335 EP0572 Pfu DNA Polymerase (native) 500units 17,189 EP0601 Maxima™ Hot Start Taq … Retrieve Content

CloneJET PCR Cloning Kit #K1231, #K1232
Such as Pfu DNA polymerase. • If the end structure of the PCR products is not specified by the supplier of the DNA The 976 bp control PCR product (nucleotide sequence is available at ) has been generated with Taq DNA polymerase, which adds extra nucleotides to the 3 … Document Retrieval

PCR Assembly Of Synthetic Human Erythropoietin Gene
Fermentas. Thermostable Taq DNA polymerase and Pfu proofreading DNA polymerase were obtained from Promega and Fermentas, respectively. Competent E. coli … Read Full Source

Fermentas Marketplace Worldwide FMW5 FAST Cloning FastDigest® Pack • Cloning of blunt-end PCR products generated with Pfu DNA Polymerase • Cloning of PCR products with 3’-dA – overhangs generated with Taq, DreamTaq™ DNA … View Full Source

Taq polymerase (Thermus acuaticus) stable at 95◦C, optimun synthesis at 72 ◦C, not proof-reading Pfu polymerase (Pyrococcus furius) stable at 100◦C, synthesis at 70-75 ◦C, proof are now commercially available Primers for PCR Ref. Protocol for PCR with Pfu DNA Polymerase … Doc Viewer