Opti Taq Polymerase

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Yellow OptiTaq DNA Polymerase RNase I Perpetual Taq Polymerase S1 Nuclease Yellow Perpetual Taq DNA Polymerase Perpetual Opti Taq DNA Polymerase Alkaline Phosphatase (Calf Intestine) … Access Content

Multiplex polymerase Chain Reaction: A Practical Approach
Chelators such as EDTA or EGTA, the apparent Mg2+ opti-mum may be shifted. Different concentrations of Taq DNA polymerase were tested. The most efficient enzyme … Return Doc

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2, Taq polymerase and primers were opti-mized to permit co-amplification (Table 2). Thermal cycling was performed using a Perkin Elmer 9600. As suggested by Paetkau et al.(1997), two genetic dis- … Read Full Source

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We highly recommend our reliable hot-start MB Taq DNA polymerase (cat. no. W 53-0200) with Venor ® GeM Advance. Use of other Taq polymerase products may require reaction opti … Document Retrieval

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Previously defined conditions that opti- mize fidelity, careful optimization for ings of others using Taq polymerase, al- though neither improved the reac- … Fetch Doc

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Performed at 40'C, the temperature of Taq polymerase-catalyzed reactions was raised to about 70'C, near the temperature opti- Taq polymerase to synthesize products greater than 1 kb: 989 bp, RS40 and RS80; 1390 bp, GH20 … View Doc

E2620-01 Yellow OptiTaq DNA Polymerase, 1u/µl 200 u 4900.00 E2620-02 1000 u 19425.00 E2620-03 5000 u 95375.00 E2700-01Perpetual Taq DNA PolymeraseHOT START 2.5u/µl 200 u 6825.00 … Fetch Content

Opti Taq Polymerase

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Out the need for any additional time-consuming opti-mization experiments (Figure 1). Taq DNA Polymerase 1.3 x 10-5 5.1% Other proofreading 1.8 x 10-5 – 5.1–0.3% … Get Doc

Taq polymerase, which is isolated from a bacterium found in hot springs known as Ther-mus aquaticus, and is available from a wide range of suppliers. Taq polymerase works opti- … Doc Viewer

Manual: Pfu DNA Polymerase
Optimized with Taq DNA polymerase.† Various PCR parameters that are important in increasing the yield and specificity of Pfu DNA Perform further buffer optimization if necessary using the Opti-Prime PCR optimization kit Add Pfu DNA polymerase last to the reaction mixture to minimize any potential … Access Doc