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The misincorporation rate of Taq polymerase during PCR was not quantified for these conditions, but based on rates of 0.22%-0.25% … Access Doc

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Too many increase the yield of non-specific products and promote misincorporation. The rate of DNA synthesis by Taq DNA Polymerase is highest at this temperature. … Retrieve Full Source

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Contribution of Taq polymerase-induced errors to the estimation of RNA virus diversity rate of a given virus is similar to or lower than the misincorporation rate of the DNA polymerase used for PCR, … Fetch Here

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Ration/misincorporation have indicated that the ability of “nonproofreading” DNA poly- any significant difference in the error rate between Taq polymerase and ULTMA™ … Visit Document

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Unlike Taq DNA polymerase, Pfu DNA polymerase possesses 3' to 5' from the 5' end to the 3' end and corrects nucleotide-misincorporation errors. This means that Pfu DNA polymerase-generated PCR fragments will have fewer errors than Taq typically results in an error rate of 1 in 1.3 million … Read Article

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Its a 12-fold higher fidelity rate than Taq (24). Tth DNA polymer-ase functions as both a polymerase and a reverse transcriptase (25), for reducing nucleotide misincorporation). Finally, a large body of research has focused on reengineering … Read More

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The misincorporation of an incorrect dNTP during DNA synthesis. Twelve 70-80~ Finally, the overall error rate of Taq polymerase was observed to in- … Retrieve Document

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Compared to other DNA polymerases, Taq DNA polymerase has a higher intrinsic misincorporation rate during synthesis (6). Such errors can accumulate and be enlarged during PCR … Read Content

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Taq polymerase increases the overall performance of amplifying DNA by increasing the specificity, yield, sensitivity, and length of targets constant over 30 cycles, misincorperation rate per nucleotide per cycle is 2 x 10-4 (Larger than the 8 x 10-5 rate of Klenow polymerase) This misincorporation rate … View This Document

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High-fidelity PCR employs enzymes with 3'-5' exonuclease activity that decreases this rate of mis-incorporation. Faststart polymerase is a variant of Taq polymerase that requires strong heat activation, thereby avoiding non-specific amplification due to polymerase … Read Article

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Incorporation of modified Oligos into DNA by Taq Troubleshooting Nonspecific Bands After PCR (smearing) Low Yield of Desired Fragment No Bands High Rate of Misincorporation High Molecular Weight, EtBr Stainable Material Left in Wells Native/Recombinant Taq DNA Polymerase … Read Content

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The Taq polymerase has a primer extension rate of 60-100 bases/second under probabilities of misincorporation. The use of other polymerases may require minor … Retrieve Doc

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The lack in 3' to 5' proofreading of the Taq enzyme results in a high error rate (mutations per nucleotide per Magnesium is required as a co-factor for thermostable DNA polymerase. Taq polymerase is a the reaction. An imbalance in the proportion of the four dNTPs can result in misincorporation … Read Article