Kod Taq Polymerase

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Cold-sensitive Taq polymerase: is a modified DNA polymerase with almost no activity at low temperature. Chemical modification: in this method a small molecule is covalently bound to the side chain of an amino acid in the active site of the DNA polymerase. … Read Article

DNA Polymerase PfuTurbo ™ and PfuTurbo ® Cx DNA Polymerases Tgo DNA Polymerase Herculase ® DNA Polymerase Pfx/KOD DNA Polymerase Expand ™ High Fidelity Advantage-HF ™ Polymerase Taq DNA Polymerase ACCURACY x 10 … Fetch Document

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80511-390 KOD XL DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/μL) 5 x 250 U 875.00 λ DNA fragments were amplified using Taq DNA Polymerase and KOD XL Polymerase M. λ Hind III DNA Markers 5. 8kbp PCR product … Retrieve Doc

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Transcripts was performed with a KOD-Taq polymerase kit (Toyobo, Osaka, Japan). Sequences of the PCR primers for these transcripts were derived from the following published … Retrieve Document

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Taq Polymerase Thermal Cyclers Erie Scientific Microarray Slides Eurogentec* KOD Taq Polymerase Molecular Weight Markers Nucleic Acid Purification Systems … View Doc

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Growth temperature 60 100 optimum:85 Obligatory anaerobic Heterotrophic nutrition KOD DNA Polymerase KOD Taq + Species Thermococcus kodakaraensis KOD1 Thermus aquaticus Molecular weight … Return Doc

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Phusion from NEB High Fidelity Pfu Modified KOD (1 unit) (2.5 units) (1 unit) Crimson Taq DNA Polymerase offers the convenience of loading samples directly onto a gel. … Access Content

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71085 KOD DNA Polymerase
Components • 250 U KOD DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/µl) • 1 ml 10X Buffer #1 for KOD DNA Polymerase (pH 8.0) Greater yield—extension speed is 2X faster than Taq DNA polymerase and 5X faster … Read Full Source

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Taq DNA polymerase, regular Taq DNA polymerase (Roche diagnostics) or KOD DNA polymerase (Omnilabo, Breda, The Netherlands) was used. Changes to the experimental conditions … Visit Document

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M3043 is a Taq-Polymerase optimally suited for colony screens/higher yields/ M3185 is a Taq-Polymerase that is tested for contaminants of KOD/ ReproHot Cat # M3006 M3307 M3007 M3011/M3052 M3023/M3010 M3004 M3003 M3012 … Retrieve Document

PCR product of the promoter region tested with Ex-Taq DNA Polymerase Filter tips for PCR KOD Hot Start DNA Polymerase kit (Cat.# 71086-3, Novagen) … View Full Source

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Examples of polymerases with 3' to 5' exonuclease activity include: KOD DNA polymerase, a recombinant form of Thermococcus kodakaraensis KOD1; Vent Magnesium is required as a co-factor for thermostable DNA polymerase. Taq polymerase is a magnesium-dependent enzyme and determining the optimum … Read Article