Kapa Taq Polymerase Protocol

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A protocol to isolate and amplify DNA from traded powder of nutmeg is needed for two reasons viz. tracing 50 ng genomic DNA, 0.4 mM dNTPs, 10 picomols primer, 2.5 mM MgCl 2 and 0.5U Kapa 2G robust Taq DNA polymerase (Saf Labs Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India) gave best results. … Fetch Doc

Tuta Absoluta (Meyrick, 1917) (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae): A …
Er and 1U of KAPATaq DNA polymerase (Kapabio-systems) in a 20 µL final volume. N-3014 primers cycling protocol was similar with ex-ception of annealing temperature which was reduced … Fetch Document

Introducing KAPA 2G Fast PCR Kits
Attributable to KAPA2G Fast DNA Polymerase, a novel, engineered enzyme derived from Taq DNA polymerase using the KAPA Using the same amount of enzyme per reaction and a standard protocol with 1 min/kb extension per cycle, Taq polymerase is unable to … Fetch Full Source

Clinical Significance Of Escherichia Albertii
According to the protocol provided from the UCC Web site (http://mlst.ucc.ie/). performed using KAPATaq Extra DNA polymerase (KAPA Biosystems, Inc., MA). Long-range PCR screening was performed by using TaKaRa LA Taq polymerase (Takara … Retrieve Content

Previously reported minor modifications to the manufacturer’s protocol , 0.4mM dNTPs, 0.80µM of each primer and 0.04U/µL of kapa 110 Taq DNA Polymerase (Kapa Biosystems, Cape Town, South Africa) [8]. … Access Full Source

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The 2× master mix contains Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, Mg 2+, a buffer specially formulated for fast cycling, and the double-stranded DNA-binding This protocol has been optimized for use on the Stratagene Mx3000P, Mx3005P … Retrieve Doc

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KAPA HiFi Hotstart DNA Polymerase with dNTPs (250 U, 1 U/Ul). protocol – just add APS and TEMED, and let it polymerize, ii) eliminates the need for TAQ DNA Polymerase, 1000U $74.00: EA 95044-100: PTI0050 prepGEM Tissue DNA Extraction kit – 50 … Fetch This Document

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Kapa Taq DNA polymerase (Kapa Biosystems, Woburn, MA, USA) and the protocol was summarized in Table 1. PCR products were subsequently analyzed by electrophoresis on a … Retrieve Doc

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Wild type Taq DNA polymerase is often inhibited by real-time PCR reaction conditions, leading to significant loss in specificity and sensitivity Total run time for the fast cycling protocol was 40 minutes. KAPA SYBR® FAST qPCR Kits are ideally suited for: … Read Full Source

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Compared to wild-type Taq DNA polymerase. Reduction in cycle time can be achieved without the requirement for specialized PCR KAPA Mouse Genotyping Kit 2 3. DNA extraction protocol The KAPA Express Extract protocol for extraction of PCR-ready DNA from mouse tissue samples is the following … Read Document

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Taq polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase named after the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus from which it was originally isolated by Thomas D. Brock in 1965. … Read Article