Iproof Taq Polymerase

5. Materials And Methods
1SuperScript one-step RT-PCR with Platinum Taq (Invitrogen) 2Pfu (= cloned Pfu), native Pfu or turbo Pfu (Stratagene) 3Taq DNA polymerase, recombinant (Invitrogen) 4One step RT-PCR kit (Qiagen) 5Herculase (Stratagene) 6iProof High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (Biorad) … Retrieve Full Source

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Die sogenannte iproof-Polymerase besser geeignet, da sie im Gegensatz zur Taq-Polymerase eine „proof reading“-Funktion aufweist, welche das Einbauen … Get Content Here

iProof™ DeepVent ®Vent Pfx/KOD Pfx50 Taq Enzyme Accuracy (x10 5) Catalog No. PfuUltra® II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase 40 reactions 600670 … Fetch Full Source

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Faststart polymerase is a variant of Taq polymerase that requires strong heat activation, thereby avoiding non-specific amplification due to polymerase activity at low temperature (see hot-start PCR above). … Read Article

iProof High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase 1.63. iScript™ cDNA Synthesis Kit Taq DNA Polymerase Recombinant 1.139. Taq polimerāzes 1.140. … View This Document

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(BD Biosciences Clontech) using iProof DNA polymerase (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.) Super Taq™ (Ambion) was employed to amplify cDNA. Amplification was performed using an ABI Prism 7900HT … Fetch Here

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U Taq DNA polymerase (UBI), and enough distilled H 2 O (dH 2 O) to obtain a final volume of 25 l. amplified using the iProof polymerase system (Bio-Rad) by following the man- … View Full Source

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2 using a Taq PCR core kit (Qiagen) and primer pairs stx2Aseq_F1 and stx2Aseq_R2 and stx2Bseq_F and entire region was amplified with five separate PCRs using iProof high-fidelity DNA polymerase (Bio-Rad) and primer pairs curli1F and curli1R, curli2F and … Retrieve Here

Dna taq polymerase apo-one caspase 3/7 assay 1ml stu 1 10u/ul not i enz dna polymase taq 500un iproof hf pcr kit 200u 0.2ml thin wall pcr 12 tube low 96-well clear prc plates … Retrieve Content

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iProof TM High-Fidelity DNAポリメラーゼ ● 高性能 ● 高速増幅(15~30秒/kb) ● 長いターゲット(最長37kb)を少量酵素 (0.25~1units/反応)で増幅可能 ● 高い正確性(Taq DNA Polymeraseの52倍) … Retrieve Full Source

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Performed with iProof high-fidelity DNA polymerase (Bio-Rad, Mississauga, PCR was performed with 1 Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas, Burlington, Ontario, Canada) and consisted of a pre … Access Document