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In the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry, a reverse transcriptase, also known as RNA-dependent DNA polymerase, is a DNA polymerase enzyme that transcribes single-stranded RNA into single-stranded DNA. It also is a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase which synthesizes a second strand of DNA … Read Article

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Polymerase Chain Reaction: Basic Protocol Plus Troubleshooting and Taq Polymeras Sigma-Aldrich D4545-25UN dNTPs Qiagen 201225 Custom Phage Primer Invitrogen 25441F_RL6_Contig2_68k … Retrieve Full Source

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Performed using Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity (Invitrogen) (2.5 U per 50-µl reaction), 1 µl of The touchdown protocol using 5,5,25 cycles or 5,5,30 cycles was sufficient to generate visible RACE prod- … Fetch This Document

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RT-PCR Protocol for Cotton RNA was extracted from 50-80 mg of tissue using the Sigma Spectrum 1 µl of 50 µM Invitrogen Oligo dT (2.5 µM final concentration in the 20 µl RT 5 µl of 10x Taq polymerase buffer (we use Apex Taq and Buffer but any Taq and … Retrieve Full Source

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Process of DNA melting is also used in molecular biology techniques, notably in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Although the temperature of DNA melting is not diagnostic in the technique, methods for estimating T m are important for determining the appropriate temperatures to use in a protocol. … Read Article

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T7 RNA Polymerase is an RNA polymerase from the T7 bacteriophage that catalyzes the formation of RNA in the 5'→ 3' direction. T7 polymerase is extremely promoter -specific and transcribes only DNA downstream of a T7 promoter. The T7 polymerase also requires a DNA template and Mg 2+ ion as … Read Article

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Protocol for RT-PCR & QPCR RNA Extraction Reagents: • Qiagen RNeasy Mini kit for 107 cells up to 50ug total RNA • Taq polymerase (Invitrogen Platinum Taq or others) o 10X buffer and/or 50mM MgCl … View Doc

TOPO Cloning Instruction Manual (Invitrogen) (see Attachment 2) PCR product of the promoter region tested with Ex-Taq DNA Polymerase c. Select the "Protocol Library" by pressing "F1" button. … Read Content

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Five-minute cloning of Taq polymerase-amplified PCR The following protocol is provided for your convenience. Other protocols are suitable. 1. Prepare a PCR cocktail consisting of PCR buffer, dNTPs, primers, and Taq polymerase. Voice: +31 (0) 50 … Fetch Document

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Reverse transcription and 3’ RACE PROTOCOL cDNA synthesis Reverse transcription Polymerase: Taq polymerase (Taq, 5U/ µl Invitrogen) Primer sets: 3’ RACE1 3’ RACE2 Sequencing … Retrieve Doc

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Is there a simpliļ¬ed protocol for using alkaline phosphatase that does not require phenol Taq DNA polymerase reactions, Taq DNA polymerase is still active at these tempera- … Retrieve Full Source

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PLATINUM Taq DNA Polymerase is supplied at the same 5 unit per µl Protocol: The following general procedure is suggested as a guideline and as a starting point when using PLATINUM Taq DNA Polymerase in any PCR amplification. Licensed to Life Technologies, a Division of Invitrogen … Return Doc

It’s About Time 3 Table of contents TOPO® cloning technology . Time required for cloning 5 min 1–12 hr 2–23 hr Figure 4—The TOPO® cloning protocol. Whether you’re PCR cloning with Taq DNA polymerase or a … Access Document