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Pfu DNA polymerase is hence superior to Taq DNA polymerase for techniques that require high-fidelity DNA synthesis, but can also be used in conjunction with Taq polymerase to obtain the fidelity of Pfu with the speed of Taq polymerase activity. … Read Article

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DNA Polymerase when indu stry-leading fi delity is critical Choose Herculase® II Fusion DNA Polymerase when superior yield and high fi delity are most important to you. Switch From Taq to Economic … Read Full Source

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Eppendorf Taq 2. Eppendorf MasterTaq 3. Amersham ® Taq Polymerase 4.Takara ® 5. Home Brew 6. Amplitaq Gold ® 7. Qiagen Hot Start 8. Platinum 9. Platinum Hi-Fi 10. Stratagene ® Taq 2000 11. Stratagene Herculase … Fetch Full Source

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Herculase Enhanced DNA Polymerase, 100U Herculase enhanced DNA polymerase provides superior performance in applications requiring high 600382 lower than Taq DNA polymerase, making it the highest fidelity enzyme available. … Access Full Source

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DGTP, and dTTP, and 1.25 units of Platinum Taq plus 1 PCR buffer or 1.25 units of Herculase polymerase plus Herculase The costs of publication of this article were defrayed in part by the … Access Content

U Taq DNA polymerase, 25 µL; reactions performed in duplicate. Thermal cycling conditions: 95°C (10 min); (0.4 M ), 0.2 mM dNTPs , 5 copies HIV -1 gDNA , DNA polymerases: 1.25 units of Taq, Platinum Taq, AmpliTaq Gold, HotStart -IT, DyNAzyme , and 2.5 units of Herculase , 50 mL. … Fetch Content

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10 600262 Herculase Enhanced DNA Polymerase 500U (200 rxns) 10 600264 Herculase Enhanced DNA Polymerase Taq DNA Polymerase Buffer 10 ml 10 200532 10x Cloned Pfu DNA Polymerase Buffer … View Full Source

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Rapid amplification of cDNA ends kit with Herculase Taq polymerase (Stratagene, no. 600310). The fragment was then ligated into pCR-Blunt vector (Invitrogen, no. K270020), and the sequence was con- … Access Doc

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Fidelity Taq polymerase (Herculase), and 3 independent clones for each were sequenced to 6-fold coverage. Southern and Northern Blot Analyses. Seeds of A. strigosa and other … Access Doc

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Amplified longer segments by using Herculase Enhance Taq DNA polymerase (Stratagene, La Jolla, Calif.) in 50 l containing 300 ng of target DNA in 5 lof … Read Full Source

(1)TaqDNA polymerase. Colonie s were treated with Lyse-N-Go PCR reagent before PCR. (2) Herculase DNA polymerase. (3) Hercu – lase DNA polymerase and 3% DMSO. … Return Document