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A Novel Member Of The Thermolysin Family, Cloning And …
AurLRT and AurLRTR (Table 1), and Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas). For quantitative PCR, DyNAmo HS SYBR Green qPCR Kit (Finnzymes, … Access Content

ABsolute™ QPCR SYBR® Green ROX (500nM) Mix Večje pakiranje AB-4328/B Absolute Fast QPCR Mix ROX DyNAmo ColaliFlash Probe qPCR Kit F-416S/L/XL Fermentas Taq DNA Polymerase (native) with ali without BSA supplied ali Taq DNA … Return Doc

Hybrid Authentication In Upland Cotton Through RAPD Analysis …
The green revolution was mainly attributed to the development and adoption of high yielding varieties volume containing 8.3 µl of d H 2O, 2.5 µl of 10x Taq polymerase buffer (Fermentas), 2.5 µl of gelatin, 3.0 … View Doc

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POR . Make your dreams come true DNA Polymerase DreamTaq DNA Polymerase DreamTaq Green DreamTaqTM DNA Polymerase Fermentas Robust amplification with minimal optimization … Document Retrieval

Taq DNA Polymerase Fast And Robust PCR NEB Is Proud To …
Taq DNA Polymerase NEB is proud to represent Taq DNA Polymerase on the basis Lane 1: Fermentas, Lane 2: Invitrogen, Lane 3: NEB, (green) forming a unique high performance polymerase … Content Retrieval

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5×1000 300 186,30 lei 500 192,51 lei 2500 770,04 lei 1000 353,97 lei 5×1000 5000 Lista produse FERMENTAS 1192/B/N Taq PCR Kit (2500U) 4,000 x 25 μl rxns 5 413,50 lei AB-1192/C Taq DNA Polymerase with 8,000 x 25 μl rxns la cerere AB-1219/A ABsolute QPCR SYBR Green … View Document

57 2×250 react’s Fast PCR Master Mix (2X) K0211 Fermentas 58 2×100 U Long PCR Enzyme Mix K0181 Fermentas 59 1×200 react’s Taq Green PCR Master Mix (2X) K1081 Fermentas 60 2×100 U T4 DNA Polymerase EP0061 Fermentas … Fetch Document

Survive as an epiphyte /Thomson, 2000/ or endophyte /Vanneste, Eden-Green, 2000/ and and reverse primers (The Biopolymer Factory, Germany), 1U Taq DNA polymerase (Fermentas, Lithuania). … Access Content

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CheetahTM hot-start Taq polymerase and low concentration of ROX dye are very similar to those of SYBR® Green I or FAM: λ include those from Agilent, Fermentas, Lucigen and Life Technologies. … Access Doc

Depth-Resolved Quantification Of Anaerobic Toluene Degraders …
Were measured using a previously described Sybr green PCR (51) with minor modifications. We used standard Taq polymerase (Fermentas) assays in the … Retrieve Content