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A Putative RNA Editing From U To C In A Mouse Mitochondrial …
Of the PCR reaction mixture containing 2.5 U Taq polymerase (Gibco BRL), 1.5 mM MgCl 2, 200 µM dNTP, 50 pmol of each primer (primer 1 and 2; see Fig. 1) and buffer solution according to the manufacturer’s description (16). PCR was … Retrieve Here

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Aetiological Treatment Of Congenital Chagas’ Disease …
Ase buffer, 1.25 units of Taq DNA polymerase (Gibco-BRL) and 5 µL of specimen DNA. Amplification was carried out in a MJR PTC-100 thermocycler (MJ Research, Watertown, MA, USA) as follows: one step of 3 min denaturation at 94 °C; five cycles at 64 °C for 40 s, 72 °C for 1 min, … Read More

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Of each primer, and one unit of Gibco Taq polymerase. PCR amplifications were performed using the following condi-tions: 30-sec denaturation at 958C to start, followed by 35 … Access Doc

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SOP For AAV Vector Standard Preparation
(#6022; Takara Shuzo), E.coli JM109 competent cells (#9052; Takara Shuzo), TaKaRa Ex Taq DNA polymerase (5 U/L; Takara Shuzo), 10x Ex PCR Buffer;(#RR001A Sigma, St. Louis, MO), molecular weight marker 1-kb Ladder (#15615-016; GIBCO BRL), 50x TAE Buffer (#24710-030; GIBCO BRL … Document Retrieval

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Duplication Of The Southern White Rhinoceros Ceratotherium …
Gibco–BRL (Grand Island, NY, USA). White rhino 2 LHâ1 and LHâ2 sequences were amplified using a consensus mammalian LGHâ forward above for the Taq polymerase. After cloning into pCR-Script (Stratagene, La Jolla, CA, USA), amplification products were … Doc Retrieval

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Inverse polymerase Chain Reaction Mediated Chromosome Walking …
30 s, annealing at 55°C for 30 s and extension by Taq polymerase (Elongase system of Gibco BRL) at 68°C for 2 min. The reaction was carried out in 50 ~l volume in the presence of 1.6 mM MgCI2, 200 ~M of each of the dNTPs and 50 pmol of each of the two primers. EcoRi … Access Full Source

Taq DNA polymerase and LA taq DNA polymerase were from Takara Shuzo Co. (Kyoto, Japan), pfu DNA polymerase from Stratagene (La Jolla, CA, (Gibco BRL Co.), containing both bacmid and a helper plas-mid. Tansposition of a sequence coding p125 to the bacmid occurs during incubation. … Visit Document

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Das Geschäftsfeld wurde im Jahre 2000 erheblich erweitert, als Invitrogen die konkurrierende Firma Life Technologies/GIBCO erwarb. Durch zahlreiche weitere Fusionen und Aufkäufe Platinum TAQ Polymerase; TOPO-Klonierung; Fluoreszenzfarbstoffe wie Qdot Nanaokristalle, AlexaFluor, SYBR … Read Article

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Molecular Characterization Of Functional And Phylogenetic …
Primer, 1.5 mM Mg21, Gibco buffer, and 2.5 U of Gibco Taq polymerase. The reactions were performed in a Perkin-Elmer model 9600 GeneAmp PCR System thermal cycler by using 25 cycles consisting of 92°C for 1 min, 55°C for 1.5 min … View Full Source

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Identification And Isolation Of The Indole-3-Pyruvate …
Taq-polymerase buffer (Gibco BRL); MgCI2, 0.25 µmol; oligonucleo-tides, 50 pmol of each; genomic DNA of A. brasilense Sp7, 50 ng. The Correspondence to: W. Zimmer following oligonucleotides were used: (1a) 58ggc (gc)tg ct(cg) ct(cg) … Retrieve Full Source

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A Heminested Polymerase Chain Reaction For The Detection Of …
Buffer (Gibco, BRL), 1.25 units of Taq DNA polymerase (Gibco, BRL) and ultra pure water. The amplification was performed on a MJ Research PTC-200 Thermal Cycler. The heminested amplification was performed in 5 µl of primary … View This Document