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Pia Kuusisto, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Vantaa, Finland 1 x GC buffer 1 U enzyme Total volume 50 μL The cycling conditions for Phusion High-Fidelity DNA that of Taq polymerase. Two different buffers are … Retrieve Content

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PCR reactions 3 were performed in 30 µl reaction volumes, with 0.3 µL of 10 µM primers and 0.6 µL of 10 mM 4 dNTP mixture, 3 µL of 10X reaction buffer, and 1.5 units of Fisher brand Taq polymerase. … Retrieve Document

The fidelity of Phusion DNA Polymerase is 50X higher than Taq DNA Polymerase and 6x Phusion DNA Polymerase was developed by Finnzymes Oy, now a part of Thermo Fisher Detergent-free Phusion® GC Buffer Pack B0521S 6.0 ml Phusion Pfu Taq … Document Retrieval

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F-508S Yes DyNAzyme II DNA Polymerase with Mg-free buffer EP0401/EP0402/EP0405/EP0406 Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant) © 2012 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., and … Get Document

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50x TAE buffer BIO-RAD, Cat. #161-0743 Saturated Phenol Fisher, Cat. #BP1751-400 Then add 1µl of Taq polymerase (5U/µl) in each tube and cycle as follows: … Access Full Source

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PCR Reagents and Kits Fisher BioReagents Taq DNA Polymerase FB-6000-50 – Ea. PCR Reagents, Taq DNA Polymerase; Fisher Bioreagents; 5 x 100U; In Buffer B w/separate MgCl2; … Access Full Source

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Agarose (Fisher Scientific, Catalog# BP1356) PCR Tubes (Fisher Scientific, Catalog# 08-408-214) 10X PCR Buffer dNTP mix Primer #5106 Primer #3101 LA Taq Polymerase 2.5 mM each … Visit Document

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(Fisher, cat no. BP1201) in 500 mL of distilled water. Ethidium bromide staining solution (0.5 ug/mL) was prepared with 200 uL of 1 1.25 U of Taq polymerase, 1X Buffer-MgCl2, 1.5 mM MgCl2, 200 uM dNTP mix, 20 uM of each primer, distilled water, and either 1 uL … Retrieve Doc

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Provides 2-fold fidelity compared to Taq DNA polymerase. Note: Phire Hot Start II DNA Polymerase produces blunt end DNA products. Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific was observed after incubation of 10 U of DNA polymerase with 1 µg of λ DNA in assay buffer at 72°C … Visit Document

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Buffer, nucleotides, Taq polymerase, template, primer ‘One’ and primer ‘Two ’ are added to the liquid phase. In the liquid phase the ratio between … Retrieve Content