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Real-Time PCR Kit With 10mM DNTP Mix
Because of relatively low activity of qPCR DNA polymerase compared to Taq. * Note: Band Sharpener included in the Kit is provided for PCR optimization www.feldan.com purpose only. If your optimized PCR conditions include Band Sharpener, please order cat#: 9K-001-007. … Fetch This Document

Taq polymerase (Feldan Bio, Quebec, Canada) 8f: 5’-AGA GTT TGA TCC TGG CTC AG, (Liu et al., 1997) 1389r: 5’-ACG GGC GGT GTG TAC AAG (Osborn et al., 2000) PCR products purification and quantification QIAquick PCR purification kit (Qiagen), elution in 50 µl … Fetch Full Source

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Feldan Taq DNA Polymerase is suitable for routine PCR. It is a thermostable enzyme that can withstand prolonged incubation at temperature up to 95°C without significant loss of activity. This enzyme is purified from the cloned Thermus aquaticus DNA … Access Doc

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Feldan’s Taq DNA Polymerase and suitable for hot start PCR, MS Genotyping, SNP, Multiplex-PCR, etc. The chemical modificationmakes the enzyme inactive at low temperature and dramatically reduces the non-specific amplifications during PCR. … Get Content Here

feldan biobar taq dna polymerase (feldan) 2419k-001-0002 3000 units 80-6467-79 17-1150-01 17-6003-19 ufv5bcl25 a-11029 a-11007 a-11034 a-11037 713-035-003 taab resin ce001-3 ddsa nadic methyl anhydre dmp-30 713-165-003 b0136s 83-1839 a02sp09025 c5070 binder 1 1/2 inch. … Document Viewer