5 Prime Hotmaster Taq Polymerase

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Satellite regions were amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in 10-μL reactions containing 20–50 ng template DNA, 225 μm dNTPs each, 0.125 μm of each forward and reverse primers, 1 U HotMaster Taq polymerase and 1× buffer (5-PRIME, Inc.) resulting in final concentration of … Retrieve Content

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Plus DNA Polymerase Perfect Taq ™ Plus MasterMix HotMasterTaq DNA Polymerase 5 PRIME HotMasterMix Key feature New enzyme with unique PCR-Buffer Self-adjusting Mg … Return Document

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5 PRIME PN 2200330/FISHER SCI PN FP2200330 Polymerase, Taq, HotMaster, 5000 Unit. Recombinant/modified form of Thermus aquaticus YT1 DNA-Polymerase-Gene (E. coli DH 1). … Return Document

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5 Prime HotMaster PCR Reagents Volume Final Taq DNA polymerase 0.5µL 2.5U Sterile Water 40.5µL … Document Viewer

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The HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase and Real Master RT Mix. The RealMaster RT Mix consists The 5 PRIME RealMasterMix is formulated to automatically adjust the Mg 2+ … Retrieve Content

Inhibitory Effects Of Filter Tips On PCR And Real-time PCR
(5 Prime) 10.0 1 x HotMaster Taq polymerase (5 Prime) 0.5 2.5 U/100 µL Globin primer 4.0 0.4 µM each Human DNA (Roche) 1.0 80 pg/µL H 2 O 83.5 … Read More

Taq DNA Polymerase 5 PRIME MasterMix HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase 5 PRIME HotMasterMix PCR Clean-up Selection guide Selection Chart PCR 3 … Get Document

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Includes Eppendorf’s Prime RNase Inhibitor Pre-optimized Mg2+ concentration for Reliable routine PCR Eppendorf® Taq DNA Polymerase StartPCR HotMaster™Hot Taq DNAPolymerase … Document Retrieval

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The 5 PRIME Taq polymerase features the self-adjusting Mg. 2+ buffer that keeps the free Mg. 2+ concentration optimal throughout the PCR reaction. HotMasterTaq uses in addition the innovative HotStart / ColdStop … Read Here

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HotMaster TAQ DNA Polymerase 5 PRIME dNTP Mix Sigma-Aldrich Acrylamide Fisher Scientific UltraPure 10X TBE Buffer Invitrogen Ammonium Persulfate Bio-Rad … Return Document